Friday, 8 November 2013

Anger And Soul

Hello Readers,

Today, I am sharing one of my “serious” poems: ANGER AND SOUL but before sharing it I would like to give you all a mind state to read it. We all have times where we wanted to control our anger or I should say where we must had controlled our anger but somehow we couldn’t. Then, what we got after is never appreciated and in a way we regret for our anger in those times. I too had a time where anger completely conquered me and I did some ruining tasks. While I was in control of anger, wisdom of difference between “right and wrong” got foggy so anger very smartly manipulated my thoughts and actions.

But something more powerful lies in us too. That is, our soul.  A person who listens to his soul never gets distracted by the evils of anger. Soul is the one can enlighten our way whenever foggy anger makes it unclear. To listen to your soul is nothing extraordinary or different but it’s like listening to your heart because heart speaks the language of soul only. I know it’s a little risky task to do but it is also the best task to do. I know it is not always possible to do but then it is not “impossible” too.

Here is my poetry in which I have described how anger could destroy you and to which extent besides I have also explained how soul came to rescue. It is a poem describing killing nature of anger and healing nature of soul. This poem will also tell you how anger, after destroying you, still do not feels satisfied but then how a soul can serve you as a knight and saves you. It is a total work of imagination and fantasy which will “try” to make your own experience with anger to form an illusion in your mind. So, here it goes,


With all my words that slander
I asked thou anger
Why you have embraced me so firmly
He remained silent, instead gave me a wry
When I was about to die
As I could not even cry
He hold me up and said
I was the one who invited him with glad
These word made my senses shiver
Eyes got wider and actions so lame got quicker
He grinned while I got shattered
But No one came to get my pieces gathered
Soul looked at my remains
Tears falling from her like a rain
As she realized nothing is left to loose or gain
So, With all her mighty grace
Tried to make me again with a great pace
As she knew time was less for my sake
And trickling down to end was not time but my heart race
Dried her tear she stood by me
Moulding for the world new "I" she could see
But there he the anger stand still to ruin me
Thus, She made him go by wings of forgiveness flying free
Set new fences for him with her decree
Then she turned to me and hailed
Felt collapsed with my face so pale
Forgive forgive forgive she cried
Let them flow the tear deeply dried
Set yourself free than to regret
That was time that will never again meet
Let it go as it was it destiny
Turn to new page for a life too shiny
Her words were not words but healing
Gave me a faith for further sailing
With broken like corpse but a soul so strong
I took a turn from the way wrong
Where anger had met
And my breaking was set
Turn was hard, harsh and lament
But happened so now I am on a road dormant
I looked around, everything is white
New bright quiet empty and wide
But I will fill it with colors
As I have got it after a strange struggle.
It's a part new of my book
Smile will be drawn without any mock
Glitter will cover my eyes
With all truths and no place for lies
Where words will be euphony to hear
And touch that makes scar go clear.

Thanks For Reading!