Monday, 21 October 2013

Books: My Eternal Love

Dearest book,
The first time I realised that I love you was in my kindergarten award ceremony where I have grabbed you as my reward for good handwriting. I clearly remember its front cover wrote “Snow white and the seven dwarfs”. I opened it at my home and for the first time I smelled you. Oh! God, you smelled really nice and same is true for today. I didn't read you that day, but read when I was in second grade as I was somewhat lazy then.
Each year whenever my new grade was about to start, I always got too excited and thrilled not for a fresh grade and friends but for “you”. I used to torture my parents to bring you to me at earliest. Sometimes, I got angry with them because of you. It’s so funny to tell that when my mom asked to discard old “you” I got extremely sad that my eyes got floated in its salty sea called “tears”. But new “you” somewhat calmed me down. I smelled of your so familiar fragrance that made me dreams of reading your untouched pages by me for the first time as if saying “I belong to you only”. I liked that feel so much that made me possessive for you and now it’s one of my traits. Whenever somebody asked me for you, I have always been reluctant to give away not only because I was possessive for you but also because I doubted if that somebody would be able to take care of you in the same manner as I did. Even a single wrinkle on you given by anyone, save me, crinkled my nose. Although I always knew everyone has a right to know you i.e. to read you but then I never felt comfortable, in other words helpless to imagine you, my book, with someone else.
Time grew so is my love for you. With my changing age your cover changed too. It started with fairy tales then to comics followed by colouring books, puzzles world, newspaper magazine, and Maths book, novels and so on. I was nervous when you got split from a single “Science” book to three books: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. But slowly, I realised that I have loved those descendents with the same dedications. Your increasing volumes, thickness, pages, number etc scared me. But when they came to my way I realised you abode nothing that could ever scare me. You always proved to be a “wrapped wonder” for me.
Today as I was recalling our moments of togetherness a questioned got struck in my mind, “why I love you so much?” As I wanted to answer this question with full sincerity and truth, I got still for a moment and then wrote.

“I always smelled “new” you with an exquisite feel because they gave me a sensation that everything ends whether good or bad to have a fresh new start thus, one should never regret what one has missed. With you, as one of my belongings, I never felt alone as I know people around me can anytime deprive me of their presence but you are the one who will always be there for me irrespective of place, time and situations. In my life there have been times where I have felt that there is no one like me i.e. I felt so isolated but then you came to rescue me to your world where you taught me how to accept then to expect. Whenever I felt despair, your truthful words inspired me immensely, though people advised me too but as you know I never listen to them but you. I have experienced people changing around me with my successes and failures but you are the one who never changed not even when I was at my lowest. You have never demanded anything from me and I know you will never but surely will feebly steal my time away from me. You never said what I wanted to know but said what I should know. I have always craved for peace in this racing world but got it nowhere except at places where you live with your mates i.e. bookstores. You are the one who always made me realise that there will always be so much left to read i.e. to know. You gave me the wisdom of “Incompleteness is vast, so is learning”, i.e. one can never learn completely as learning is a process not a destination. I love the way how your pages absorb my fallen tears and become uneven and wrinkled as if saying to me, “I am sad too”. You give me my reason for existence and with you I discover my foggy identity. You are my reason to escape and my only place to escape. You always make me feel wanted and peppy. I can never recall a moment where I have regretted your togetherness. We two neither had any argument nor any confrontation. I have many times thrown you away while I was upset with somebody but you never complained, in fact, this act always made me feel guilty thereafter thus, distracting my mind towards your well being hence, my afflictions got flew away instantly and after that I brought you back in my, caring but sometimes rude, hands. In this way, obscurely you solved my anger without uttering a single word. You are my source of power, all positive vibes, inspiration, aspiration, appreciation, affection and happiness. This elaboration of my love for you can never end as it’s eternal so while leaving my further unexplained love for you to silence I want to say, “I love our lost world”.”

Thanks for being with me “always”!  

Monday, 14 October 2013


Hello Readers,

In this world, I think there are three most mysterious words of life: water, time and eye. I wrote about water but never felt satisfied with my words dedicated to it. I tried to write about “time” but it proved to be hard nut to crack which is incomplete till now and I believe it will take my life-”time” to write on “time” .

Lastly I settled to express my bizarre and deep views on “Eyes”. I have tried to incorporate all its traits in it but I know Eyes’ nature can never be described up to its brim because it varies with every soul. No two person’s eyes can reveal the same emotion to be expressed using same way. Everyone has a unique way to express itself thus giving a unique shade to eyes.

I titled my poetry on Eyes as “Life’s Mirror” as they reflect to the outside world our insights.


Life’s mirror: Eyes

Accept my look, I am eye
The one which makes other realize
Your happiness ignorance and your cry
I too have attire to make me unify
Let’s brief them for awhile

When you are blooming
I wore flickering glitter
And a one blue so glooming
Whenever you tasted bitter
With a great bizarre which ever you get
An extreme happiness or a killing cause to upset
I wore different colors yet wet

Besides attire I wear expressions
Anger surprise or fear gifted expansions
Whenever blush, felt shy or to hide within a mansion
I lifted my gaze and took a downward accession
Mmh! That’s called a bride’s possession

I am where secret lies
 Where happiness is born then resides
And where it quietly dies
Alas! I abode tears and lies
But that too is my complementary side
Thus incomplete without anyone of the tie
 As I am the place picturing your life.

Thanks for Reading!

Friday, 11 October 2013

He And She : A story based poetry

Today, I was doing online shopping for novels. My random search ended with a novel named "12 Hours : An Anthology of 12 Beautiful Stories" and its front cover mesmerized me.While I was going through the payment procedure a story's reel got started playing and I just couldn't stop myself from describing it with my words.
So, here it goes,

Once upon a time's frame,
there was He and She like names
when He came
She was lame

so He introduced
while She remained crude
He chuckled and tried to reveal
but She was rude and tried to conceal
thus to know, He took a friendly turn
and unknowingly She accepted it as a rising sun.

Slowly time passed yet so swift
He and She got a grip
although He and She talked so rare
but they thought as they cared
He was like her still so different
that She sensed something which was dormant
He was loving but somewhat rigid
She was caring still so stupid
He was hard and darkened high
while She was soft and fragile
But they got trapped in a destiny attack
that followed the law," opposite attracts".

Now, He and She had a bond strong
to tackle if something going wrong
but She got a thing flashy so bewildered
He doesn't know this so just shivered
She's present got controlled by past
He obscurely tried but couldn't get what He had cast.

She started moving far away
He realized nothing not even what to say
for a second She was waiting to be called
He so silly missed the racing time ball
She experienced a fall like kite
And He just angrily left the sight
Without even questioning for which He had right.

She got hurt and a hatred immense
As He accepted so easily her absence
She lost again her newly born loving sense
While He absorbed all in his eyes
And stood again to live with a smile

A fog of differences threw them apart
He and She lied there consoling broken hearts
She tried for peace of giving
While He tried a happy living.

One day,She realized that her ruining afflicts
was nothing but a reason to cause conflicts
But He didn't notice and held everything wrong
What She couldn't understood her time that acted as storm.

There they stood in a air so silent
with a happy mask that hid all what was lament
Then,He chose to escape this air
while She stood with a hope so mere
He walked from her far too far
from where She couldn't see him, not even left scar
She lost all with nothing to gain
Just some memory to nourish pain
He disappeared without giving to what has occurred even a name.

Now when She came
He is lost by a time tickled game
So,She too ended her waiting rain
With "never to return" ignited flame.

Some stories don't promise a happy end
as they happened just to create some memories sand
such don't promise to live together
but occurred to have a memory heap gathered.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

YOUR CENTER : Self-Center

“Self-centered” word pinches people as if someone has called them “self-fish” and most of the people perception for this word are not positive. I know being self-centered means you are preoccupied by your own concern and never think about other’s concern. But it don’t mean “self-centered” person is harmful or being self-centered is unacceptable to be more precise I want to say being a little self-centered is “healthy”. Now the question arises how?
So, let me explain.
People of my age (Oops! I mean teenage and youth) are most attracted to relationships, links up and break ups (off course!). We get attached to that “someone special” so much that our world shifts its center from us to that person as a result our thoughts revolve around it. What we think is replaced by what that person thinks so we try to have traits set by it rather than reinventing our own personal traits. And whenever we try to become what our nature don’t allow we face adjudications. It’s said that “Change is a rule of nature” but don’t forget “Habits can be changed, not our nature”. So, when we try to change our selves instead of trying to reinvent an alarm should ring as we are going to a wrong path. The case is worst in case of unrequited love. Otherwise two lost people have a chance to be found together but when a single person got lost chances for its comeback is nearly zero. What I am trying to say is that in this speedy generation where nothing last for much (like size of mobile phones) it would be silly to forget about your own concern for a bond transient or take a long time before getting attach too much so that when your relation goes downhill your soul don’t. That is to take things seriously more than one’s capabilities calls for feeling depressed. You make suffer from sleepless nights, “no-smile” disease (named by me J ), loss of appetite, anger, frustrations etc.
It’s good to make your life revolve around something but then, don’t miss your life to rotate around you just like our “only lively planet known” i.e. Earth. Imagine earth stop spinning but revolves! Would earth traits be same then? Or then it would be as perfect as it is now? We all know its answer i.e. a big “No”. Same applies to us so try to a little self-centered and reinvent yourself. As I believe before loving and caring for someone else, one should first love one’s self. When we feel happy with our own selves we are more likely to be attractive and admired ones.
So open your arms wide to embrace no one but yourself. Accept yourself then other around you. Feel happy and make other happy. Love yourself and feel being loved!!
Find a reason for life, not a person for life!!
Have a happy, healthy and lovely life!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Hello readers,
The phase I am going through is a phase encountered by everyone once in a life time. The phase I am talking about is the phase when you are not adjudicated by others properly as they aren’t looking beyond their personal perspective about you. At this juncture, you may feel like repudiated and start questioning yourself whether I am doing things right for me or are these things really meant for me or why all these is happening to me.  At this point, something inside says to bow in front of your vex but the right thing to do at this time is to start everything again or to start looking at things that just happened with a different prospect, a prospect you have never gone through. This phase may mould you to be a gallant or may make you a coward. If you are determined to face your failures just as a cost for something more auspicious then nothing in this world could obstruct your way to success. But if you have loosen your hope and consider everything happening around to be just meant to make you fall again then you are entangled in the trap of pessimism thus nobody in this world could make you stand again. Hence, it is said “life is what you make it”.

Now this discussion would be incomplete without writing my own encountering to this phase hence I am describing it too here. Mine experience to this phase is like I am walking through the road full of bewilderment. This feeling is untouched by everyone around me. And I inefficient to explain them what am going through thus silently taking the road of silence residing outside and clamouring inside. This clamour in me seems eternal to me but I know I must not harbour this as to abode clamour is equivalent to settling my worries and difficulties without solving, thus, overcoming them. As soon as I commence to look at my bewilderment with bullishness I sense elucidation. Then, casually I am again full of enthusiasm and an inexperienced hope. I think these were missing earlier from my consciousness. Now I am ready again to face this world but this time to achieve what I am meant for, not for what I have fancied.  This clarity of thoughts accomplishes me with a determined apprehending success. Now at my workplace I don’t envy other but creates my own world of admiration and acceptation.  I am happy and in acceptation of spreading this happiness. Now if a person in front of me seems depressed then I don’t get attracted or frustrated towards it but try to console.

I hope everyone reading this short passage knows exactly what I am talking about as this phase which I have described is never left untouched by life. I wish them a really optimist and a happy life. With this hope I down my pen and promise to encourage again!


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

That One

Not the one who want my smile,
But the one who make my eyes shine

Not the one who want my touch,
But the one for whom my mere presence works

Not the one who demand thy time,
But the one who steal it which was mine

Not the one who need my words,
But the one for whom my hug is world

Not the one who make Whole day enjoyable,
But the one who can give me just a moment memorable

Not the one who admire my beauty,
But the one who accept my scars with sincerity

Not the one who ruin my nights,
But the one who make me sleep wide

Not the one who expects from me,
But the one who accepts me

Not the one who walks with me whatever it says,
But the one with whom I turn to right way

Not the one who carry me in his arms,
But the one who can make my racing heart calm

Not the one who give me advice,
But the one who aid me to rise

Not the one who catch me lie,
But the one I need not to lie

Not the one who says, “I understand”
But the one who can, after every fall, make me stand.

Monday, 7 October 2013


Walk when you don't know where to go
Battle with silence when you want to your scream to grow
Open your eyes wide when you want to close
Feel when you want to ignore
Help when you are unable to see yourelf rose
Count when you don't want time to mould 
Sing when your words forget to sing
Pray when you don't want to win
Feel pure when you get confront with your sins

Then your smile returns with your grim
And surely then your senses will sing
With a heart that rings
Pushing you to cross your rim.