Saturday, 16 November 2013

FAITH: Above Destiny

It’s so irritating when you longed for something but you didn’t get it. It feels like “ehuuu why it’s happening to me? Why didn’t it like I want it to?” blah blah..

I am feeling the same as I waited for something very eagerly that it took away my sleep also. I had imagined that happening so many times that when it happened in a different way I was full of anger and disgust. As a normal human I cursed god (who else). My mind stopped the door to understanding and I behaved in a silly way asking stupid questions, thinking craps, imagining bad consequences and so on.

When I was tired of thinking ill I closed my two sided window to the world and entered my world within. I thought of demanding something from my mom and realised it never happened that she had not done what I wanted her to do. She always stood up to my expectation even above that. I thought of my father, whenever I asked him to bring something for me, not even for a second I think that he would not bring it. Now, let us think for something odd to happen. Let’s take an example of our friends. My friends never get changed in a day i.e., they behave on a random day like I have expected them to .They never become stranger the other day. The answer is “No”.

Then, I thought of some materialistic world. My watch it never shows wrong time no matter how many times I look at it. It works as it supposes to be or in a manner I had expected it without any doubt. Day and time never changes nor does night come before.

Then, why something related to me took a wrong route.

After a long silence, a word came to my mind “FAITH”.

When I asked something from my mom or dad I never think even for a nano second that she wouldn’t do it. It’s just that I want it with full faith to be more precise I actually wanted it. My friends never shows awkward behaviour because my friends are my behaviour‘s mirror .I made them friend with a unexplained faith thus never think of their doing something I won’t understand. My watch never showed wrong time because I had never ever had thought so, Day night time never changed because I never doubt so. I had faith. I trust them.

What I mean to say that yes I might have wanted something very eagerly but where I lacked was faith. In my mind there was a corner housing a thought that what if it doesn’t happen? Or may be that corner was saying will it happen? Or maybe it was showing possibilities of its failure. In simple words, that corner existed because my faith left that place for it to be occupied by “Fear”. Now for a second think of that moment where you have bewilderment regarding that “awaited thing”. I bet you can’t say that you had never imagined its unsuccessful accomplishment. So what I am dying to say is what you really want, on which you never doubt, for which you don’t need other to say surety words is always yours!

Time demands faith at every phase. Sometimes, it patiently ask you to believe in it i.e., to believe in time while sometimes time craves you to grow your faith on your own self. Time is fast changing phenomena as sometimes it may also kindly ask you to have faith on a “person”.  It tenderly teaches you how to faith in prayers and god which are most likely to face challenges when it comes to perceiving it further but then “Faith” once made never goes . Many times we say “I have lost my faith on that” but deep inside you know that you are still craving to have it again. Our faith can get a pause but not a break. Remember, when you were a small child that was the faith of your “mother” which made you grow.

So before waiting imagining or wanting something ask your heart if it could have faith on it. If it says yes then that thing will happen for sure. Nothing in this world could stop it from happening because then you had faith, something above destiny!

Believe me!