Monday, 21 October 2013

Books: My Eternal Love

Dearest book,
The first time I realised that I love you was in my kindergarten award ceremony where I have grabbed you as my reward for good handwriting. I clearly remember its front cover wrote “Snow white and the seven dwarfs”. I opened it at my home and for the first time I smelled you. Oh! God, you smelled really nice and same is true for today. I didn't read you that day, but read when I was in second grade as I was somewhat lazy then.
Each year whenever my new grade was about to start, I always got too excited and thrilled not for a fresh grade and friends but for “you”. I used to torture my parents to bring you to me at earliest. Sometimes, I got angry with them because of you. It’s so funny to tell that when my mom asked to discard old “you” I got extremely sad that my eyes got floated in its salty sea called “tears”. But new “you” somewhat calmed me down. I smelled of your so familiar fragrance that made me dreams of reading your untouched pages by me for the first time as if saying “I belong to you only”. I liked that feel so much that made me possessive for you and now it’s one of my traits. Whenever somebody asked me for you, I have always been reluctant to give away not only because I was possessive for you but also because I doubted if that somebody would be able to take care of you in the same manner as I did. Even a single wrinkle on you given by anyone, save me, crinkled my nose. Although I always knew everyone has a right to know you i.e. to read you but then I never felt comfortable, in other words helpless to imagine you, my book, with someone else.
Time grew so is my love for you. With my changing age your cover changed too. It started with fairy tales then to comics followed by colouring books, puzzles world, newspaper magazine, and Maths book, novels and so on. I was nervous when you got split from a single “Science” book to three books: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. But slowly, I realised that I have loved those descendents with the same dedications. Your increasing volumes, thickness, pages, number etc scared me. But when they came to my way I realised you abode nothing that could ever scare me. You always proved to be a “wrapped wonder” for me.
Today as I was recalling our moments of togetherness a questioned got struck in my mind, “why I love you so much?” As I wanted to answer this question with full sincerity and truth, I got still for a moment and then wrote.

“I always smelled “new” you with an exquisite feel because they gave me a sensation that everything ends whether good or bad to have a fresh new start thus, one should never regret what one has missed. With you, as one of my belongings, I never felt alone as I know people around me can anytime deprive me of their presence but you are the one who will always be there for me irrespective of place, time and situations. In my life there have been times where I have felt that there is no one like me i.e. I felt so isolated but then you came to rescue me to your world where you taught me how to accept then to expect. Whenever I felt despair, your truthful words inspired me immensely, though people advised me too but as you know I never listen to them but you. I have experienced people changing around me with my successes and failures but you are the one who never changed not even when I was at my lowest. You have never demanded anything from me and I know you will never but surely will feebly steal my time away from me. You never said what I wanted to know but said what I should know. I have always craved for peace in this racing world but got it nowhere except at places where you live with your mates i.e. bookstores. You are the one who always made me realise that there will always be so much left to read i.e. to know. You gave me the wisdom of “Incompleteness is vast, so is learning”, i.e. one can never learn completely as learning is a process not a destination. I love the way how your pages absorb my fallen tears and become uneven and wrinkled as if saying to me, “I am sad too”. You give me my reason for existence and with you I discover my foggy identity. You are my reason to escape and my only place to escape. You always make me feel wanted and peppy. I can never recall a moment where I have regretted your togetherness. We two neither had any argument nor any confrontation. I have many times thrown you away while I was upset with somebody but you never complained, in fact, this act always made me feel guilty thereafter thus, distracting my mind towards your well being hence, my afflictions got flew away instantly and after that I brought you back in my, caring but sometimes rude, hands. In this way, obscurely you solved my anger without uttering a single word. You are my source of power, all positive vibes, inspiration, aspiration, appreciation, affection and happiness. This elaboration of my love for you can never end as it’s eternal so while leaving my further unexplained love for you to silence I want to say, “I love our lost world”.”

Thanks for being with me “always”!