About Me

Whenever I am asked who “I am”, an image of a girl with nerdy look that is one having round-ended frame spectacled eyes with a “girly-red -black -and -sometimes-pink bag” floating in air and sometimes settling on her back too which abodes her quintessential part of life that is her books and her notepad, comes to my mind. She is the one who will definitely fail to answer you on your first call because of her lost nature, to be precise; her world is roaming around a world of fantasy thus forgetting her physical world. She does all girly stuff but that is not all that she does. If she knows you very well you are more prone to her pjs(poor jokes) arrows on which she assume everybody to at least spare themselves from their struggle of life and give away a smile if not for the pj then definitely for her “silliness”.

This is me from my own know. May be this image doesn’t define me completely as a matter of fact, I am not always in my nerdy looks (contact lenses, you know?) but still it is more than enough to give you a glimpse of mine.

Now, what I seriously do in my life (as asked by elders, you know!). I am an engineering student studying computers. But my engineering life proved to be my hobby classes where I explored myself in the world of words. I got a reason, place and time to write here as I hardly concentrate in my classroom. Now, I have got a new “gadget” that's of “writings” to my world of "describe yourself".

I believe in god but don’t expect any miracle to happen for me as I am already struggling with its miraculous creations: Water, Eyes and Times (P.S. I do believe in miracles).

My writings, as you will read, are more about imagination than reality but I want to mention it here that the cause of my “imagination” lie within us that is reality. Base of my imaginations are my experiences with this world and its reality. So, I will suggest you that while reading me just forget the world “how” (This isn’t a blog on science :) ) and try to ask yourself “why”. And as I observe, I have turned out to be quite romantic especially when it comes to micropoetries. I love writing micropoetries as I love simplicity in life.

Enjoy reading!