Saturday, 23 November 2013

How Can I Say

It was just a normal morning when my "smart" phone started Blinking with its blue light to highlight that there is a notification from facebook (too smart!). After a long reluctance i finally got it in my hands. after swiping my pattern (I always feel weird in drawing a pattern decided by myself only, can't cell be that smart to know that it's its owner who is unlocking it?). Soon after this "security" steps got completed, I got to know that my friend has posted something on my wall. With a child curiosity and a fear of embarrassment (You know, how friends are!), I opened that link. It was a normal-hilarious post saying, indirectly, that I am a cellphone's addict.
Although I knew it was somewhat right, I started a comment-fight.We fought for some six-seven comment then she ceased our fight in an earnest way. I got uncomfortable at my place. After a long pause i realized, "Shit! i upset her!". then, i tried to put my point but as we all know anger switch off our "wisdom-torch".

So, after my failed attempts of making myself understood, I tried to understand her. Then, I realized how some small little things can cause conflicts just because of difference in perceptions. My mind started boggling on what to do to make her see our friendship above "misunderstandings".Nothing came to my mind so forgetting what's going on my life, I opened my "Evernote" to write (see, now even writing requires cell).
I didn't realized when my words took the rhyming side to form a poem. After I was finished writing , I thought, "what's stopping me to make her read this?". Thus, without making any further delay I decided to send it to her but then an idea struck my mind that if our fight was because of some facebook's post then why not end this through a facebook post only.
I did as mentioned i.e., I posted my poem on her "wall". Then, she read it and her "caring- loving-sweet-friendly" side came up on top of her heart's brim thus overcoming her anger and she realized, "Nothing so stupid can break our peppy-friendship" . At the end of the day, we were like before actually more close now as a new understanding between us was born that day. That is, misunderstandings can never win over a true friendship. I thanked my conscience for making me to write. Also,I got a new reason to love poetry because sometimes it can convey, in a exquisite manner, what we want to say but couldn't express it otherwise.
Now, I want to share that poem here,

How can I say world is wrong
When I know my heart too is a evil strong

How can I say world don't understand
When my own words fail to get a stand

How can I say world hurt me a lot
When I am the cause of many hurts others have got

How can I say world is ruthless
When I am too care-less

How can I say world don't hear
When I too forget to share 

How can I say I am always right
When I can't see the thing from other sight

How can I say my words can never pain
When they are responsible for my loss and gain

How can I say to end this silence
When I have missed your all cared glance 

How can I say "I am sorry"
When I know I have only created this lament story 

Still I am here because you know my eyes
And My peppy face, my pjs and my silent cries

Still I am here after making you sad and getting you hurt
As I know you will forgive because ,unlike me , you have a heart.