Friday, 11 October 2013

He And She : A story based poetry

Today, I was doing online shopping for novels. My random search ended with a novel named "12 Hours : An Anthology of 12 Beautiful Stories" and its front cover mesmerized me.While I was going through the payment procedure a story's reel got started playing and I just couldn't stop myself from describing it with my words.
So, here it goes,

Once upon a time's frame,
there was He and She like names
when He came
She was lame

so He introduced
while She remained crude
He chuckled and tried to reveal
but She was rude and tried to conceal
thus to know, He took a friendly turn
and unknowingly She accepted it as a rising sun.

Slowly time passed yet so swift
He and She got a grip
although He and She talked so rare
but they thought as they cared
He was like her still so different
that She sensed something which was dormant
He was loving but somewhat rigid
She was caring still so stupid
He was hard and darkened high
while She was soft and fragile
But they got trapped in a destiny attack
that followed the law," opposite attracts".

Now, He and She had a bond strong
to tackle if something going wrong
but She got a thing flashy so bewildered
He doesn't know this so just shivered
She's present got controlled by past
He obscurely tried but couldn't get what He had cast.

She started moving far away
He realized nothing not even what to say
for a second She was waiting to be called
He so silly missed the racing time ball
She experienced a fall like kite
And He just angrily left the sight
Without even questioning for which He had right.

She got hurt and a hatred immense
As He accepted so easily her absence
She lost again her newly born loving sense
While He absorbed all in his eyes
And stood again to live with a smile

A fog of differences threw them apart
He and She lied there consoling broken hearts
She tried for peace of giving
While He tried a happy living.

One day,She realized that her ruining afflicts
was nothing but a reason to cause conflicts
But He didn't notice and held everything wrong
What She couldn't understood her time that acted as storm.

There they stood in a air so silent
with a happy mask that hid all what was lament
Then,He chose to escape this air
while She stood with a hope so mere
He walked from her far too far
from where She couldn't see him, not even left scar
She lost all with nothing to gain
Just some memory to nourish pain
He disappeared without giving to what has occurred even a name.

Now when She came
He is lost by a time tickled game
So,She too ended her waiting rain
With "never to return" ignited flame.

Some stories don't promise a happy end
as they happened just to create some memories sand
such don't promise to live together
but occurred to have a memory heap gathered.