Monday, 14 October 2013


Hello Readers,

In this world, I think there are three most mysterious words of life: water, time and eye. I wrote about water but never felt satisfied with my words dedicated to it. I tried to write about “time” but it proved to be hard nut to crack which is incomplete till now and I believe it will take my life-”time” to write on “time” .

Lastly I settled to express my bizarre and deep views on “Eyes”. I have tried to incorporate all its traits in it but I know Eyes’ nature can never be described up to its brim because it varies with every soul. No two person’s eyes can reveal the same emotion to be expressed using same way. Everyone has a unique way to express itself thus giving a unique shade to eyes.

I titled my poetry on Eyes as “Life’s Mirror” as they reflect to the outside world our insights.


Life’s mirror: Eyes

Accept my look, I am eye
The one which makes other realize
Your happiness ignorance and your cry
I too have attire to make me unify
Let’s brief them for awhile

When you are blooming
I wore flickering glitter
And a one blue so glooming
Whenever you tasted bitter
With a great bizarre which ever you get
An extreme happiness or a killing cause to upset
I wore different colors yet wet

Besides attire I wear expressions
Anger surprise or fear gifted expansions
Whenever blush, felt shy or to hide within a mansion
I lifted my gaze and took a downward accession
Mmh! That’s called a bride’s possession

I am where secret lies
 Where happiness is born then resides
And where it quietly dies
Alas! I abode tears and lies
But that too is my complementary side
Thus incomplete without anyone of the tie
 As I am the place picturing your life.

Thanks for Reading!