Thursday, 12 June 2014

That Stranger

It was a stormy day, When I first met him
I was struggling with my hair when saw his watch's sheen
Forgetting the rhyming hair, I looked for his face
Alas! He turned away, beckoning he didn't care
Slyly I moved and stood right to his side
But this heaven's heart raced and took a Skippy ride

I noticed our sneakers, how small I was
Then his lace nudged mine to follow his path
That is, to his sufferings to his past
Merrily, I lifted my gaze for him
But stopped at something deep hidden in him

His eyes were wild but not so happy as I stared
They pushed me back and glared
For seconds I struggled under the stars
Then, I ran far far and far, too fast
From his mystery enticing his eyes
But little did I know they will haunt me till the end of above sky.