Saturday, 8 March 2014


Theme:Domestic Violence

For years, she has asked herself, "how?"
as her love got lost with broken vows
Every day has heaped her hurts
from the man who once ruled her heart
With passing days and nights, she has gathered courage
to stand and give her soul its last homage

Soon a blare bawls in her ears
that finally ends her pain of years
With a moment full of trembles quivers and shivers
she kills a story of innocence with a single trigger

black tainted tear wells off her eye
as the gun drops from her hand hanging high
All the wounds and scars seems healed
with his soul lying but body killed

She has gifted the evolving man his mirror
who considered her weak fragile and inferior
Then, She howls and uplifts her hands in air
as the vicious circle around her neck is again a jewel mere 

She gives her house a final look
and walks to write the last page of her book
Gallantly, she calls a hundred of cops to cope
For spreading her message in a society too rot.

Happy International Women's Day

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