Monday, 22 September 2014

I am a nomad!

There's a good as well as bad news!
As per the customs, lets start with bad news.

I am about to close my blog here. Yeah! you read it right. I was thinking to do it since the starting of this year and the funny part is that I have started blogging here since last October only. I am an idiot and a lover of madness. I was getting bored of it looks, its style and of course my style. So, finally I concluded to close this blog.


*question 1*


Yes! Yes! Yes! I am closing this blog.

*question 2*


Go to your dashborad >> setting>> blah blah.. and you can easily find it out there, how to remove your blog.

*question 3*


Oops! I forgot to mention. I am closing this blog as I have updated my blog at WordPress. Yeah! That's the good news. I have even posted some new posts  at my new WordPress blog.

With an open heart, I invite you all to my new blog,

It's just the domain and looks that I have changed not its soul which lies in me. 
I would be glad if you follow and support my new blog in the same way you did for this one. 
Do leave your comments and feedback. I would love to read them.

Viditi Bhargava