Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My Sun

Whenever I recall something, light reaches that memory before me (light travels fast :) ). That is, my every cherishing memory has Sun in it.
Sun, when i utter this word a wave of energy and optimism rises in me. As a kid while going school in a bus, my friend sitting beside me always tried to have a conversation with me and i truly appreciated her efforts by indulging myself with her but my this effort couldn't last. Because I was busy observing the Sun running with our bus; I was already having a conversation with the sun that I used to forget what she's saying to me. When I started riding my "Scooty" ,I used to love empty roads because then, nothing was there to distract me from contemplating with Sun. Because of Sun, I have always preferred to walk alone on a silent road to enjoy its company. So, I was named "Lost" and i never disliked this name,actually I liked it. A day without Sun appears to me like "Yeah! Today is No-day". I love Sun peeking through my windowpane. With the sun as reason, I crinkled, seeing it would be raining today, as it means my sun is going to be over laced by it.  
So, what i wanna say is that I have always loved the light hence the mighty Sun. And here is my words wrapped in rhymes dedicated to it for always being on my side,

I woke up this morning to braze his blessing
But got a hallow window with its light missing
That I felt a sudden weakness in my eyes tickling
And what I knew was that he was no where
Not on the window canvas not on the cloudy hair

I wanted to cuddle back in my quilt
But there he came escorted by his shining silt
And I realized he was here in a mood called "hide and seek"
I, like his candid child, surrendered to this trick
By pretending to be unknown at that tick
While he continued to veil behind cloud then seek from his sky's slit
I ignored his meticulous rays falling on my shoulder and behaved too emaciate
Like my source of energy was sinking that he used to create

As expected he couldn't resist to my fragility
and finally conquered his curtains to come towards me
My sun, dark inside still bright outside, 
looked into my eyes but his shine so immense 
that lowered my eyes and we couldn't exchange a glance
So, he tenderly extended his arms to embrace
But soon he realised that would burn me thus moved away with a pale face
To cheer him up i smiled with lowered lashes
And seeing my smile his sadness turned like trashes

He understood  to always gaze me from a distance
Giving his warmth love at every instance
He understood his closeness would burn my feathers
And our love is of distances i.e. Far still together

I understood not to long for his touch
As our love was beyond things such
I understood he cannot be infront of my eyes
But lies within the lid of my eyes
held there too stout with a mighty tie.