Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Who's She?

She has just come from her working place.
Now she doesn't have anything to distract her spaghetti thoughts.
She is feeling like a lava of anger inside her ready to be burst.
She looks around to ascertain her empty vicinity.
Once assured, she feels like crying with all afflictions hidden by her smiling disguise.
But wait, Her tears refuse to come.
She feels like bawling on her deceiving tears.
It seems like her tears' sea has been overlaid by a desert where only dry winds of screams can blow..
She feels a void inside, left by her heart
Her soul starts yelling but then she is too busy sorting out her anger in mind, first.
She looks around once again.
This time her loneliness laughs at her which she has chosen for herself.
She feels like snatching the curtain rudely apart
She feels like shearing her beloved pillow away
She feels like throwing her love, books, in a one go.
She feels like breaking her favorite coffee mug into pieces as much as possible
She feels like dropping her quintessential cellphone on the floor with all her mighty power.
She feels like splashing her wonderful water all around to resemble her messing thoughts.
She feels like burning those smiling faces of her hanging on wall which seems now as if insulting her present.
She feels like painting her regular admirer, her mirror, with black.
She feels like hurting the world with her sharp words in a way they have hurt her immensely.
She feels like ending every strings she has woven with people in her lived life.
She wants every light flickering around to be set off forever,inviting darkness of which she was once afraid of.
She feels like She hates herself.
She feels like She can never love again.
She feels like her power, to care or to help, has died.
She looks at herself.
She feels disgusted.
She asks herself," Who is this girl?"
As she refuses to accept this violent creature because she has seen herself as a girl with innocence brimming in a soft heart, always.
Then who is this girl?
She screams to get an answer.
But only silence echoed.
Hopelessly, She buries herself in her bed.
She tries sleeping but her sleep comes in wide open eyes, stopping her from closing her eyes.
Her, open eyes start dreaming of past where the child inside her used to set her world colorful, bright and shinning with a eternal faith on happiness .
She console her mind that her questions are useless and need time to be forgotten as they can never get any reply.
She, finally feeling defeated, asks herself to accept her this new descendant.
She, lastly before closing her tired eyes, ask herself a last question,
"Why this upheaval occurred?"
But then too meek to try finding reply she chooses to close her eyes.

It's all because she has left him with her heart. But there's no one to gift her this "only" reply. So, the truth dissolves itself in the music of air with a hope that she will listen to it one day.

Slowly the wind, filtered from the curtains, comes and the water from the mug rises with words coming out from her books to reach her.
But before touching, they take mirror which is ready with her reflection,her blinking cellphone and the echoes of her hanging giggles along with them as their companion.
Finally,through the bridge of her pillow, they touch her to awaken her soul.
The desert within her eyes gets uncovered and a tear's tide reaches its shore, her cheeks.But this mere tear has fallen with a decision to get dry before she opens her eyes.
The blissful touch finally swallows her anger and grants her power to wear a smile for the world waiting for her, tomorrow.